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Brain Products LogoBrain Products dedicates itself to the research and understanding of the human brain and nervous system. The focus on positively impacting neuroscience made Brain Products the worldwide leading manufacturer of hard and software solutions for neurophysiological research. Our solutions cover the fields of: ERP, BCI, EEG/fMRI, EEG/TMS, as well as sports, sleep, behavioural sciences and similar disciplines. Since for us at Brain Products a solution is only a solution if it covers all the researcher´s needs we also provide caps, sensors, easily integrated stimulation software and much more.official Website
EASYCAP LogoEasycap supplies EEG Recording Caps of any layout and any channel number for research applications. They can be used with any brand of EEG amplifier. They can be made MEG-compatible, TMS-compatible, MR-compatible. The caps can be supplied also to other companies (B2B). Easycap supplies electrolyte gels and other accessories, e.g. connector adaptors. Easycap supplies a signal generator and impedance meter. Easycap distributes the wireless mobile smartphone- or computer-based EEG amplifier Smarting for mobile EEG, Neuroergonomy, Neuroaesthetics, BCI. Smarting can be coupled with Mangold Video Software for Behavioral Analysis.official Website
Cortivision is a tech company delivering innovation in neuroscience. As an experienced team of professionals dedicated to revealing the potential of mobile brain research, Cortivision supports neuroscientists around the world in utilizing fNIRS technology. Cortivision focuses on flexibility and integrity that make their products fully mobile, wearable with comfort and safe to use in various non-laboratory conditions. Market-validated functionality of Cortivision’s hardware and software solutions finds new applications both in science and business and have been appreciated by customers in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and North America regions. Cortivision's mission is to make fNIRS technology available in new fields and facilitate its use in science. In May 2023 the company successfully carried out research on the ISS as the first fNIRS device used in space.official Website
CGX (formerly Cognionics) is the world’s premier designer and manufacturer of Dry EEG Headsets and Dry Electrodes. The company’s patented technologies enable research grade signal. CGX re-engineered Quick Series for improved data quality, comfort, and ease of use. The dry EEG Headsets achieve high mobility without sacrificing signal quality. The wireless monitoring devices range from 2 to 30 channels dry or 72 to 138 channels wet EEG systems supported by an array of accessories for auxiliary physiological sensors (ECG, EMG, EOG, GSR, PPG, motion, and more). The dry electrode systems are the optimal hardware addition for BCI and mobile EEG research.official Website

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Tobii Pro helps business and science professionals gain valuable insights into human behavior. Tobii’s high-quality eye tracking solutions capture human behavior in a natural way, ultimately affording users access to valuable, objective data about real responses to stimuli.official Website
Cedrus offers a variety of synchronized stimulus presentation for EEG and eye-tracking research. The demand for synchronizing events lead Cedrus to develop the StimTracker, m-pod, and c-pod. Easy Plug-and-Play application to detect onsets of visual, auditory, and further event codes as well as key and vocal responses. The response devices with customizable response keys were developed for standard laboratories, followed by models suited for the fMRI environment.official Website
Psychology Software Tools (PST): Developers of E-Prime® – the world leading stimulus presentation software with millisecond precision timing. E-Prime provides a truly easy-to-use environment for computerized experiment design, data collection, and analysis. Use E-Prime together with Chronos® for millisecond-accurate responses, sub-millisecond sound output latency, and easy communication with external devices. PST also manufactures hardware products used in fMRI research, such as the Celeritas® Fiber Optic Response System, Hyperion® MRI Digital Projection System, and an MRI Simulator with a head motion tracking system. PST’s products are in more than 5,000 labs in over 60 countries.official Website
BESA GmbH is the leading innovator in digital EEG and MEG software for research and clinical applications. Analysis options range from pre processing to advanced source analysis/source imaging, time frequency and connectivity studies, and statistical analysis. Individual MRI data can be integrated and used for realistic modelling of cortical activity. Combining BESA Research with the clinical software product, BESA Epilepsy, provides a fast and reliable pipeline for analyzing interictal spikes and epileptic seizure onset. BESA software is used by researchers and clinicians in more than 1,500 universities and hospitals world wide.official Website
Resonance Technology Company, Inc. is a medical devices manufacture located in the suburban Los Angeles area. Since its inception in 1987, RTC has endeavored to provide the most advanced, high-quality audio and video devices in an effort to make the MRI scanning process safer, more pleasant, and less costly for both Patients and operators.
Over the years, RTC has also played an important role in functional MRI (fMRI) by providing specialized auditory and visual stimulation and response devices to the research community. RTC is committed to providing the best workmanship and service to our customers, while making the cost of our products as reasonable as possible.
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